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  Deep Paint - 2D Software, Freeware

  Right Hemisphere USA, 2D Mixed2D PixelPhotoshop like, Windows, download

Deep Paint, Freeware, Windows
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Development: Right Hemisphere USA
2D Mixed
2D Pixel
Photoshop like

Platform: Windows
License: Freeware

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Deep Paint

Deep Paint 2.0 is an older version of Deep Paint 3D which Right Hemisphere USA has made available as freeware on Deep Paint, like Corel Painter, is intended to allow an artist to paint on the monitor screen like they were painting on canvas. This program once sold for a few hundred dollars.
This program proves you don't need to spend any cash to get a functional, feature-rich illustration application. Deep Paint comes packed in a large 58MB file, so it takes a bit of time to download and install. Although the program's interface is far less cluttered than many such apps we've seen, inexperienced users still will probably need to spend some time getting acquainted with the large number of drawing implements, including pens, brushes, and droppers.
Right Hemisphere is the leading provider of enterprise product communication and collaboration solutions enabling manufacturers to optimize their global product development launch and support processes. Strategic partners include Adobe, who licenses Right Hemisphere technology to enable viewing of 3D objects in Adobe? Reader 7.0 and NVIDIA who teams with Right Hemisphere to optimize graphics performance and shading. Right Hemisphere software is open and standards-based. leveraging key technologies such as XML, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft.NET.

Other Features
Deep Paint comes with a decent-sized amount of preset brushes, but you can tweak them or even make your own custom drawing tools. The app offers a few basic filters such as blur, brightness, and saturation, and we're also glad to say it supports layers. Professionally minded folks will appreciate the fact this program can plug directly into Photoshop. While Deep Paint may be too overwhelming for casual artists and newbies, more seasoned designers will love it, especially considering the price.
Experience thickly textured oils, bold acrylics, and dramatic watercolors. Deep paint simplifies your artistic workflow as a Photoshop plug-in or standalone application, with special support for the Wacom Intuos or compatible pressure sensitive pad.
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Software rate

current rate: 4.57

voters: 7

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Deep Paint, Freeware, Windows
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