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  Weird Metronome - Sound, Freeware

  David Johnston, Sound, Windows, download

Weird Metronome, Freeware, Windows
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Development: David Johnston
Type: Sound
Platform: Windows
License: Freeware

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rating: 4.57
votes: 7
downloads 12496 times
comments: 2
Weird Metronome
A metronome program that uses the computer MIDI hardware (sound card) to play its sound. This program is very configurable. You can define any length measure up to 1,000 beats with any beat emphasis you choose. More than fifty percussion instruments are available, and up to nine can be used at a time in a given measure definition. You can save and load your settings under as many presets as you like. All this and more in a tiny little download of only 18K.

This one has just a few changes, most notably the ability to play more than one note on a single beat. This relatively simple change makes it possible to create beats that are much more dynamic and rich than was possible before. I also aphabetized the list of instruments, so now it is a bit easier to find the one you need.

While many competing programs resemble their real-world counterparts, this one follows the standard gray-box motif with drop-down menus. You can choose from a straight metronome beat or a specific number of beats per measure, but it's the custom option we especially dig. This feature allows you to set up your own specific scheme with a huge load of percussion instruments, of which nine can be used at once.

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current rate: 4.57

voters: 7

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Weird Metronome, Freeware, Windows
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