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  Brazil Rio - 3D Software, Freeware

  SplutterFish, LLC., 3D Rendering3ds max, Autodesk VIZ plugin, Windows, download

Brazil Rio, Freeware, Windows
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Development: SplutterFish, LLC.
3D Rendering
3ds max, Autodesk VIZ plugin

Platform: Windows
License: Freeware

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Brazil Rio

Brazil Rio (aka "Rio") is a freely available, personal-use,non-commercial edition of SplutterFish's award-winning Brazil r/s V1.2 renderer for 3ds max and Autodesk VIZ. Brazil is,at it's core, a high-performance raytrace renderer that supports many advanced and super cool features like area lighting, GI, SS, and much much more (see the Feature List for more information).
Rio is distributed by SplutterFish for multiple reasons: It allows us to have many people stress testing our software in many different environments, it serves as a way for us to share with the community and to provide an educational version that can be used by students and other hobbyists, and it also provides an evaluation version of Brazil that doesn't require an interested individual go through the full evaluation/registration process.

Other Features
As always, the purpose of the Brazil public test releases, and now Rio, is to provide us with mass testing, usability information, debugging information, stress testing and design evaluation. All are welcome to participate to what ever degree they wish and feedback is appreciated but not mandatory. Unlike the previous public test releases, Rio contains current Brazil technologies and closely reflects the capabilities of the our commercial renderer, Brazil r/s.

Browse hundreds of contributed images in our Image Gallery.What's Not In This Build This build is based upon the current version of Brazil r/s, but is selectively feature-limited so as to make it primarily usable for educational and testing purposes. Rio is not designed or intended for use in professional or production environments and will not work well in a mixed "Brazil r/s" and "Brazil Rio" environment. This version is much faster and more complete than previous public test builds and contains the same features that were used to generate all the images in the Gallery.

Those that have used previous Brazil r/s test versions should be able to pick up the basics of Rio fairly quickly. SplutterFish doesn't officially provide any support for Rio, but we have a community forum that is probably be the best spot to get good answers. A subset of the Brazil r/s documentation and example files will be available for Rio users on the SplutterFish website.

Software rate

current rate: 4.57

voters: 7

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Brazil Rio, Freeware, Windows
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