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  TranceGate AcmeBarGig - Sound, Freeware

  VST Software Instruments and Effects, Sound, Windows, download

TranceGate AcmeBarGig, Freeware, Windows
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Development: VST Software Instruments and Effects
Type: Sound
Platform: Windows
License: Freeware

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TranceGate AcmeBarGig
It is kind of like a tremolo on steroids, you'll notice a collection of vertical bars at the top of the screenshot. These bars represent volume levels, so if you imagine the signal travelling from Left to Right, as it hits a bar, the volume level of that bar is applied to it. If the bar is all the way at the top, the volume level is full, likewise all the way down it is off. There are also tempo in BPM, and Note duration. BPM is set by the host DAW, and if there is no DAW, then it is set to 120. The Note duration is Whole Note, Quarter Note, Half Note, etc.

There is also a Sweeping filter This is the Standard AcmeBarGig adjustable filter. Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass etc are all selectable. The delay from DIG is also present in the TranceGate You can get some very interesting Rythmical patterns using a TranceGate, as well as some interesting solo sounds.

Hello and welcome to AcmeBarGig, we are here to provide the online music community with FREE professional-quality VST effects were are proud to put our name on. We will be releasing a new product weekly for the foreseeable future, so check back every Saturday for our latest FREE release, which we think can really shake the industry up!

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current rate: 4.00

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TranceGate AcmeBarGig, Freeware, Windows
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