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  STOMPER Hyperion - Sound, Freeware, Sound, Windows, download

STOMPER Hyperion, Freeware, Windows
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Type: Sound
Platform: Windows
License: Freeware

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STOMPER Hyperion
Microsoft Windows software synths originally intended for electronic drums and drum-like sounds but can do just about any kind of whacky analog-ish synth squeals. Stomper is software that can create drum and synth-like sounds from scratch. From scratch means working at the sound wave level: Modulate the frequency, amplitude and other aspects of a sound wave to create your own percussion and specialized sound effects. Export your creation as a WAV file for use in other programs like Hammerhead.

Hyperion uses a very simple synthesis method, mixing pitch-shifting narrow-band noise sources or pure sine waves (zero bandwidth noise, really) together to one sound. Still, it manages to make faithful reproductions of 909's, 808's, and Simmons drums - and even phatter sounds! Also, it does much more than just drumsounds, now. It's more of an analog synth-thingy as well, with several different waveforms, resonant filters, and other yummy things...

The program comes with a large assortmen of sample sounds in the form of Stomper setting files (.STP and .STU), which you can listen to, modify, and use as a base for own experimentation. Not only deep phat kickdrums, but snaredrums, sound effects, and simulation of old analog vintage synth sounds are included!

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STOMPER Hyperion, Freeware, Windows
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