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  Vue 6 Infinite PLE - 3D Software, Freeware

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Vue 6 Infinite PLE, Freeware, Windows
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Development: e-on software, inc.
Type: 3D Animation
3D Modeling
3D Rendering

Platform: Windows
License: Freeware

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rating: 4.00
votes: 6
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Vue 6 Infinite PLE
Review: The Personal Learning Edition (PLE) is a fully functional version of Vue 6 Infinite/xStream. You can create complete projects, save your work, export and even render without size limit! And best of all, because it never expires, you can learn at your own pace!

Vue 6 Infinite is designed to work alongside your object modeller of choice and so when you first launch the program it asks which 3D program you are accustomed to and automatically adjusts its interface accordingly in terms of colours and shortcuts. This feeling of familiarity is further boosted by Vue 6 Infinite inclusion of the now almost ubiquitous Gizmo on-object manipulators for handling positioning, scaling and rotation. Other interface enhancements include a new Library tab in the World Browser in which you can view objects used several times (these are now stored only once in memory), view and quick render shortcuts, easier copying, dropping and renaming of objects and numerous other tweaks. To be honest I?d prefer it if the main modelling applications worked more like Vue Infinite rather than the other way around.

Vue 6 xStream environments seamlessly blend with your 3DS Max, Maya, XSI, LightWave or Cinema 4D scenes and animations. Access the power of the worlds leading 3D scenery technology directly from within your favorite application!

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current rate: 4.00

voters: 6

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Vue 6 Infinite PLE, Freeware, Windows
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