Direct3D compatible display card with 32MB RAM, Win98/Winme/Win2000/WinXP, DirectX 9.0 or later, PIII 450,256MB RAM.">
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  Flight Simulator Screensaver - Games, Freeware

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Flight Simulator Screensaver, Freeware, Windows
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Development: Longgame Software

Platform: Windows
License: Freeware

hits: 18083
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rating: 4.63
votes: 8
downloads 12562 times
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Flight Simulator Screensaver

It displays a group of fighter jets that blast through the sky at high speeds in a variety of 3D environments.Even better,There is an Mp3 player for listening to music during a flight,and a spectrum analyzer that displays visualization on the screen. The aircraft,sky,clouds,terrain,trails coming from jets and the Sun are all complex 3D models with texture mapping ,it's easy to control one of the aircraft by pressing up,down,left and right, you will love seeing trails coming from each jet as they perform stunts,fly over moutains, and through steep canyons and valleys. If you have a cool sound system,you will like the effect as tons of aircraft blast over you head.

There are many configurable options,You can set view angles,cloud cover density,color and speed as well as how many aircraft you wish to color,fog color,and lighting color,they are all customizable.also you can set view range,trail's fade time,display mode and more.If you have thousands of mp3 songs on your hard disk,you will find the Mp3 player is useful,it will pick a number of songs randomly from several directories or from all files according your settings every time the program starts.

Minimum requirements:
Direct3D compatible display card with 32MB RAM, Win98/Winme/Win2000/WinXP, DirectX 9.0 or later, PIII 450,256MB RAM.

Software rate

current rate: 4.63

voters: 8

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Flight Simulator Screensaver, Freeware, Windows
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