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  3D World Map - 3D Software, Freeware

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3D World Map, Freeware, Windows
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Development: Longgame Software
3D Globe viewer

Platform: Windows
License: Freeware

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3D World Map

With 3D World Map, you can view the earth in 3D, get references on 269 countries and entities, locate and compare more than 30,000 cities, compute the distance between any two points on the earth's surface, and amplify the altitude above sea level to see what the earth looks like. In addition, you can run the program as a screensaver.

A built-in MP3 player will pick a number of songs randomly from several directories or according to your settings, when the program starts. Almost every feature is customizable: You can change the color of the earth, adjust saturation and brightness of the globe texture, run the program in standard window, full screen or transparent window mode. Version 2.1 improved city selection. The earth model is real 3d, you can amplify the altitude to see how the earth looks like.also you can run the program as screensaver, with the amazing earth displayed on the screen. There is an mp3 player for listening to music during you browse the world,it will pick a number of songs randomly from several directories or from all files according your settings every time the program starts, enjoy your favor songs during you browse the world.

Minimum requirements:
Direct3D compatible display card with 16MB RAM, Win98/Winme/Win2000/WinXP, DirectX 8.0 or later, PII 400,128MB RAM. After register,you can download more details, a 30.9 MB topography file, and a texture file(6.83M), these screenshots are grabed from the high details version. Recommend requirements: 1.0G CPU,256M RAM,and a 32M display card

Software rate

current rate: 4.00

voters: 6

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3D World Map, Freeware, Windows
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