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  Poser DAZStudio 3D Models - 3D Software, Freeware

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Poser DAZStudio 3D Models, Freeware, Windows, Macintosh, other
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Development: DAZ 3D
3D Animation
3D Modeling
3D Models
3D Rendering

Platform: Windows, Macintosh, other
License: Freeware

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Poser DAZStudio 3D Models
Poser DAZStudio 3D Models Pack 1 presents its most popular base models, Victoria 3.0, Michael 3.0, Aiko 3.0, and Hiro 3.0. Though customized for DAZStudio and Poser 4, 5, and 6, the models can also be imported into a variety of different 3D applications. Running the 4 installers in this zip file will install the models automatically.
Free 3D Models
Victoria 3.0, DAZ's most popular model, is changing the face of 3D. With revolutionized joint parameters, polygon count, posing and more, V3 has become the flagship product within the Poser community. Victoria 3.0 Base includes everything necessary to pose, animate, change materials and simulate spandex clothing. Head and Body skin textures are sold separately in affordable packages. Hundreds of clothing, hairstyles, and accessories are available as add-on items for Victoria 3.0 as well.

Aiko 3.0 (also known as "A3") was created specifically with anime and manga inspired digital art in mind. With A3, you can recreate all your favorite anime and manga girl characters with ease. From sexy anime warrior to sultry manga woman, this new female can become whoever you want her to be. ...etc.
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Poser DAZStudio 3D Models, Freeware, Windows, Macintosh, other
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