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soft Original3D Game Creator
Simple yet powerful tool for game creation - simple, because its based around the popular and easy to use BASIC programming language; and powerful, you can arrive nice effects & create a simple game in 30 minutes. Original3D includes many commands to help you out with game creation - but not too many! Rather than confuse you with ...
Development: Original3D
Type: Animation + Games
License: Freeware

hits: 17300   rating: 3.00   votes: 7
soft 3D Game engine
Introduction. Here you can find my own MagicCarpet-like engine for the PC. It has some extra features like: 3D sky, real 3D objects (tanks, helis, hovercrafts), and more. Unfortunately, due to lack of interest, I haven't worked on it for a very long time. How did you learn Computer Graphics? I am often asked what books I used to build ...
Development: dotSphinx
Type: Games
License: Freeware

hits: 17280   rating: 3.00   votes: 7
soft kHED low polygon games
kHED is a simple and powerful 3D modeling editor. It is designed especially for creating polygonal models with low polygon counts for computer games. See features section for more information. Here you can learn about the basic kHED features: # Tools to modify model geometry with ease: Move, Rotate, Scale, Extrude, Bevel and Inset.
Development: Yevgeniy Yermolayev
Type: 3D Software + Games
License: Freeware

hits: 17275   rating: 3.00   votes: 7
CINEBENCH is the perfect tool to compare CPU and graphics performance across various systems and platforms (Windows and Mac OS X). And - It's completely free. The test scenario uses all of your system's processing power to render a photorealistic 3D scene. This scene makes use of various algorithms to stress all available processor cores. CINEBENCH is based ...
Development: MAXON Computer
Type: 3D Software + Games
License: Freeware

hits: 17263   rating: 3.00   votes: 7
soft My Pictures 3D
This special product line has been created to let you enjoy your favorite pictures in 3D! The first of these products, My Pictures 3D, is already available. We plan to add more products, while continuing to enhance and update My Pictures 3D. My Pic...
Development: VicMan Software
Type: 3D Software + Games
License: Freeware

hits: 17248   rating: 3.00   votes: 7

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