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DAZ | Studio         type: 3D Software, Freeware
rating: 4.90 by 10447 voters

Imagine being able to easily create your own convincing 3d artwork. You don't need to take any special courses or read any complicated books. Perhaps ... more
Developer ©: DAZ Productions Inc. OS: Windows, Macintosh, other
Download URL:
Autodesk AliasStudio         type: 3D Software, Freeware
rating: 4.84 by 4767 voters

Autodesk AliasStudio software is known as the premier industrial design tool ? used by virtually every car company, leading design consultancy, and co... more
Developer ©: Autodesk Inc. OS: Windows, Macintosh, other
Download URL:
Autodesk Maya P. L. E.         type: 3D Software, Freeware
rating: 4.86 by 4190 voters

Maya Personal Learning Edition is a special version of Maya? software, which provides free access to Maya for non-commercial use. It gives 3D graphics... more
Developer ©: Autodesk Inc. OS: Windows, Macintosh, other
Download URL:
ACID XPress         type: Sound, Freeware
rating: 4.86 by 3577 voters

It is easy to create original music-even if you are new to loop-based music software. Download and install ACID XPress. Then, get loops from our Loops... more
Developer ©: Sony Pictures Digital Inc. OS: Windows, Macintosh, other
Download URL:
MotionBuilder, Personal Learning Edition         type: 3D Software, Freeware
rating: 4.89 by 3028 voters

Autodesk gives industry professionals and those interested in real-time character animation an opportunity to explore all aspects of this award-winnin... more
Developer ©: Autodesk Inc. OS: Windows, Macintosh, other
Download URL:
Autodesk Homestyler         type: 3D Software, Freeware
rating: 4.93 by 2703 voters

Homestyler is a free online service that provides access to home design software created by Autodesk. Free products and services are subject to the te... more
Developer ©: Autodesk, Inc OS: Windows
Download URL:
Poser DAZStudio 3D Models         type: 3D Software, Freeware
rating: 4.93 by 2561 voters

Poser DAZStudio 3D Models Pack 1 presents its most popular base models, Victoria 3.0, Michael 3.0, Aiko 3.0, and Hiro 3.0. Though customized for DAZSt... more
Developer ©: DAZ 3D OS: Windows, Macintosh, other
Download URL:
3D Adventure Studio         type: Games, Freeware
rating: 4.96 by 2443 voters

A free editor for creating adventure games in style of Gabriel Knight 3. It consists of two parts: 1. An editor: To allow you to create your own 3D Ad... more
Developer ©: OS: Windows
Download URL:
Windows Movie Maker         type: Video Editing, Freeware
rating: 4.84 by 2447 voters

Windows Movie Maker makes digital home movies amazingly easy and fun. Download it today and see for yourself. Windows Movie Maker makes home movies am... more
Developer ©: Microsoft Corporation OS: Windows
Download URL:
FL Studio fruityloops         type: Sound, Shareware
rating: 4.90 by 2229 voters

Free FL Studio demo, formerly known as Fruityloops, is our flagship. We also develop and commercialize a range of Synthesizers like Sytrus, Toxic III,... more
Developer ©: Image Line Software OS: Windows, Macintosh, other
Download URL:
Free Audio DJ Mixer         type: Sound, Freeware
rating: 4.87 by 2176 voters

A multi-file audio player. It features a simple and useful play list, a lengthy time recorder, and an audio-level monitor and tester. It supports MP3 ... more
Developer ©: SoftwareClub OS: Windows
Download URL:
Poser         type: 3D Software, Shareware
rating: 4.79 by 1986 voters

Free Poser 7 Shareware English Demo. Whether you create for print, animation or the web, there's always a need to integrate the human form. Poser 7 de... more
Developer ©: Smith Micro Software OS: Windows, Macintosh, other
Download URL:
PhotoPlus         type: 2D Software, Freeware
rating: 4.91 by 1927 voters

PhotoPlus 6.0 - Photo and Image Editing PhotoPlus is your number one choice for photo editing software and working with bitmap images for the w... more
Developer ©: Serif Europe Ltd. OS: Windows
Download URL:
Bryce 5.5 and 7         type: 3D Software, Freeware
rating: 4.80 by 1554 voters

Bryce is an award winning, feature-packed 3D modeling and animation package designed to allow new users to quickly produce and render eye-catching 3D ... more
Developer ©: DAZ 3D OS: Windows, Macintosh, other
Download URL:
Nebula Device         type: 3D Software, Freeware
rating: 4.96 by 1489 voters

The leading Open Source 3D game and visualisation engine used in dozens of commercial games and professional visualisation applications release... more
Developer ©: Radon Labs GmbH, Berlin/Germany OS: Windows
Download URL:

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