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  Picasa - 2D Software, Freeware

  Google Inc., 2D Mixed2D PixelPhoto Album, Windows, download

Picasa, Freeware, Windows
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Development: Google Inc.
2D Mixed
2D Pixel
Photo Album

Platform: Windows
License: Freeware

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rating: 4.00
votes: 6
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Picasa instantly locates and organises all the pictures on your computer.
Find the pictures you forgot you had.
Picasa organises your entire collection while you watch, scanning the images on your computer and automatically sorting them by date. Move and re-name pictures from inside Picasa.
Want to clean up messy folders and move pictures around on your computer's hard drive? Simply drag and drop pictures from one folder in Picasa to another. Picasa will make the change permanent after double-checking with you. Want to change a picture's filename from 671056398a.jpg to Lisa.jpg? In Picasa, it only takes seconds to re-name one picture or a group of pictures. Make an album. Use the "Albums" collection to tag your photos into quick groupings inside Picasa. Viewing and sharing the pictures you grouped under an album is easy ? they make great slideshows and movies or you can email them to friends.

Other Features
Amazing effects turn so-so pictures into works of art.
You can see how much Picasa's 12 new visual effects can improve your photos ? and in seconds, not hours. Go sepia. Warmify. Make pictures pop with colour or try austere black-and-white. Try easy one-clicks or the more finely tuned sliders for better control where you want it. And of course, you can undo your changes at any step along the way.

Write captions that stay with the picture.
Picasa makes captions the way journalists do ? using the IPTC standard. That means your captions are saved within their pictures and stay with them, whether you export as a web page or make a CD presentation. Picasa captions are fully editable and searchable, and you choose whether to display them or not.

Zoom. Pan. Tilt. Get the angle you intended.
So you did not get the shot? With Picasa, that is not the end of the story. Go in closer and move the focus slightly to the left. Your camera was slightly crooked? So what? Your picture is perfect anyway. Turn your photos into a movie. It is so easy to play filmmaker with your pictures. Select your best shots, then adjust the delay time, dimensions, and video compression settings. That is it ? Picasa will render a movie, complete with title graphics, that you can play and share. Make a personalised desktop picture or screensaver.
Your best pictures are now on display. Pick a favourite photo as your desktop picture or add several into your screensaver rotation. What better way to enjoy your photographic genius at your desk?
Create a poster.
Picasa can tile any picture you select, allowing you to print each part and reassemble them at poster size ? up to 1,000% larger than the original.

Software rate

current rate: 4.00

voters: 6

We tested this graphic design software website and didn't find any significant problems.
Monday, January 24, 2022
2007-10-09 23:42:42


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Picasa, Freeware, Windows
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