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  3D Adventure Studio - Games, Freeware, Games, Windows, download

3D Adventure Studio, Freeware, Windows
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Type: Games
Platform: Windows
License: Freeware

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3D Adventure Studio
A free editor for creating adventure games in style of Gabriel Knight 3. It consists of two parts: 1. An editor: To allow you to create your own 3D Adenture games. 2. A runtime engine: To play games created with 3D Adventure Studio. The new release of 3D Adventure Studio features 3D sound. Also it has some things fixed like the Actions editor for the events. The 3D Adventure Studio site is now running a new CMS running under ASP.NET. Now you can create some more complex adventure games. Inventory system is available now. You can also create some more complex worlds as more types of 3d objects are available. Also 3ds files can be imported now into your worlds.

How can i create a new game? For the moment you cannot create a new game. However you can edit the current example game. Just delete all objects except one and place your own content.
How can i start editing a game? First accept the licence and then you can open the nen.nsk example game.
How do i start? First download the 3das editor. And read the tutorials, you can find them at support. Also read the included manual.
Do i need a commercial license? You only need a commerial license when you are going to sell a game made with 3das.
When is the next version released? As 3DAS is still in its alpha stage, i decided to do a complet rewrite of the basis of the runtime. This takes longer then expected.

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current rate: 4.00

voters: 6

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3D Adventure Studio, Freeware, Windows
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