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  Adobe InDesign CS3 ACE Exam Aid - 2D Software, Shareware

  Jackson Hunt, 2D Mixed2D Pixel2D VectorWeb Design, Windows, download

Adobe InDesign CS3 ACE Exam Aid, Shareware, Windows
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Development: Jackson Hunt
Type: 2D Mixed
2D Pixel
2D Vector
Web Design

Platform: Windows
License: Shareware

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rating: 4.00
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Adobe InDesign CS3 ACE Exam Aid
30-day trial. Tests your existing knowledge of InDesignCS3 3.0.0 and will help you obtain the necessary knowledge required to pass the official examThe Adobe InDesign CS3 ACE Exam Aid application was designed to help you study for the corresponding Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) certification. It does this by testing your existing knowledge of InDesign CS3 and by helping you to obtain the necessary knowledge required to pass the official exam.

The exam aid is divided into two modes: Study and Practice. In Studymode, you have access to correct answers, supplement answers, andhyperlinked paths to corresponding pages in the Photoshop helpdocumentation. In Practice mode, you can simulate a test environmentand sit unlimited mock tests based on the question pool.

A separate section containing questions that cover only the newfeatures is included. You may use it independently from thecertification section to study for the recertification exam.

The interface is streamlined and intuitive to use. You can customizethe mock tests, view passing score, individual module score, andcompare your answers against the correct answers.

Here are some key features of "Adobe InDesign CS3 ACE Exam Aid":

? Includes 335 questions (more than any competitor), divided into 12 discrete modules
? A separate section covering new features that you can use to prepare for the recertification exam
? All original questions based on the Prep Guide published by Adobe
? Supplement answers that explain and/or clarify the concepts behind the questions
? Paths to corresponding pages in the InDesign CS3 help file to enable further study ? all paths hyperlinked to LiveDocs for easy access
? A Study mode with the option of previewing correct answers and supplement answers on demand
? A summary screen at the end of each module for reviewing the module content
? A Practice mode for testing your knowledge in a simulated official exam environment
? Unlimited mock practice tests based on the pool of questions contained in the study section
? Countdown clock, flagging, and sorting that create the experience of sitting for the official exam
? Scoring for each individual module and collectively at the end of each mock practice test
? Option of comparing your answers against the correct answers after sitting a mock practice test
? A printable PDF containing the supplement answers that you can use to study when you are away from your computer
? Ability to raise the threshold by increasing either the number of questions delivered or the passing score or by decreasing the allotted time to each mock practice test
? An easy to use interface, leaving you free to concentrate on the task of studying

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current rate: 4.00

voters: 6

We tested this graphic design software website and didn't find any significant problems.
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Adobe InDesign CS3 ACE Exam Aid, Shareware, Windows
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