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  Shade professional - 3D Software, Shareware

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Shade professional, Shareware, Windows, Macintosh, other
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Development: Smith Micro Software
Type: 3D Animation
3D Modeling
3D Rendering

Platform: Windows, Macintosh, other
License: Shareware

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rating: 4.00
votes: 6
downloads 12552 times
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Shade professional
Powerful 3D Modeling shareware and Rendering Software. Architects, interior designers, product designers and character modelers now can take advantage of the unrivalled modeling and rendering power of Shade 8. You can import many design file formats and let Shades sophisticated rendering engines create photorealistic images on the fly. Shade's intuitive, easy-to-use interface and 900+ included 3D models such as furniture, building and transportation items speed up the design and modeling process to improve workflow. Modeling is aided by comprehensive mesh editing tools. Shade imports and exports popular CAD formats, and incorporates raytracing and radiosity to produce superior renderings of imported projects. Rendering times can be dramatically reduced via distributed rendering over two machines at once.

Maximize processing power on the latest systems. With version 8.5, Shade also offers Intel Core Mac compatibility and 64-bit Windows support.
Create rotatable, zoomable 3D panoramas with QuickTime VR capability.
Add life to your animations with support for 3D sound.
Use Bezier tools, Boolean and Polygon mesh modeling, plus auto-smoothing of curves to detail your designs.
Network rendering and render queue will support a second node using Shade standard. Shade will also automatically search all available ShadeGrid servers running on the same local area network and display the IP addresses in the preference dialog.
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current rate: 4.00

voters: 6

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Shade professional, Shareware, Windows, Macintosh, other
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