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  AutoRun Architect 2.2 - Animation, Shareware

  7Bear Software Inc, Animation, Windows, download

AutoRun Architect 2.2, Shareware, Windows
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Development: 7Bear Software Inc
Type: Animation
Platform: Windows
License: Shareware

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rating: 5.00
votes: 4
downloads 12235 times
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AutoRun Architect 2.2
CDs created on domestic PC. AutoRun Architect allows you to easily create AutoRuns that you can include on your CDs, DVDs or any other removable media. In a few easy steps, you can create an AutoRun, which can include security requirements, license agreements, splash screens, additional software installations as well as the launching of one or more files.
Your AutoRun can be run as a quiet, single sequence or through a customized HTML browser window offering the user options to choose. Quickly and easily create professional AutoRuns for your CD/DVDs. You can create AutoRuns that run quietly in the background or a graphical AutoRun that you design just like a any standard web page. You can manage multiple AutoRun projects from within the program. Each AutoRun can Launch one or more files automatically; Install software to load your document (ex. Acrobat Reader for PDF documents); Display a license agreement; Display a Splash Screen and/or Sound; Install unlimited number of software packages. You can also customize the icon for the CD and secure the contents of the CD. AutoRun Architect includes a complete help manual, technical support and powerful wizards. You can test your AutoRun as you build it without cutting a CD. AutoRun Architect runs on all Windows versions and fully supports Microsoft Windows XP including Themes.

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current rate: 5.00

voters: 4

2008-02-08 00:12:28

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AutoRun Architect 2.2, Shareware, Windows
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