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  3D Photo Browser - 3D Software, Freeware

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3D Photo Browser, Freeware, Windows
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Development: Mootools software

3D Browser
Photo Browser
Video Editing

Platform: Windows
License: Freeware

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3D Photo Browser
3D Photo Browser recognizes more than 60 images and videos files format, many 3D files format and most of the audio files format. 3D Photo Browser for 3D Users is a browser for your 3D, photo, video and audio files. This is a fast and powerful media manager to browse thousands of files thanks to its thumbnails window. You?ll find user friendly features to display, organize and edit your 3D and images files.

Display in the same window the files located in several folders: this is very useful to take a glance at your whole scenes or photos library. Browse scenes stored in your ZIP archives without decompressing them. Display your files the way you want.

Open your 3D files in the built-in OpenGL viewer. You display the scene using one of the many rendering mode and select the best point of view for creating the scene thumbnail. You clearly see the scene hierarchy and the materials. You?ll find the tools you?ll need every day.

You can also play your videos in full screen and extract images from your favorites movies. 3D Photo Browser also plays your audio files and allows MP3 tags edition (album, track, length...). We are pleased to inform you that your software, 3D Photo Browser for Digital Camera, has been awarded by our editors with "Excellent (5/5)" award.

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current rate: 4.63

voters: 8

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3D Photo Browser, Freeware, Windows
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