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  Swift 3D Adobe Flash Importer - 3D Software, Freeware

  Electric Rain, Inc., 3D RenderingImporterImporter, Macintosh, download

Swift 3D Adobe Flash Importer, Freeware, Macintosh
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Development: Electric Rain, Inc.

3D Rendering

Platform: Macintosh
License: Freeware

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Swift 3D Adobe Flash Importer
Importer for Adobe Flash CS3 Intel-based Macs. This importer can be downloaded and provides ability to import Swift 3D vector .SWFT file format directly onto Adobe Flash stage and the library. The Swift 3D Importer for Flash gives you a much smoother workflow between our application and Flash. Not only will you be saving significant time, but by creating multiple layers within a single SWF file you'll be able to save on file size and have greater creative freedom over your 3D vector artwork.

To use the Swift 3D Flash Importer you must render a SWFT file with RAViX. When you choose your output options you'll find 'Swift 3D Flash Importer (SWFT)' in the File Type dropdown. Additionally, the Swift 3D Importer has the ability to load your rendered file into the Flash library as a movie clip. No longer are we handcuffed by the SWF file format, which only creates a single-layer file. By unshackling our files, we can pass the power and flexibility on to you, the designer.

SmartLayer technology will automatically separate different aspects of your rendering to different layers within a single file. There are a total of eight different layers you can create while rendering your scene, all of which can later be controlled separately within Flash to provide for a better integration of your 3D content with your Flash projects.

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current rate: 4.00

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Swift 3D Adobe Flash Importer, Freeware, Macintosh
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