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  Caligari trueSpace - 3D Software, Freeware

  Caligari Corporation, 3D Animation3D Modeling3D Rendering, Windows, download

Caligari trueSpace, Freeware, Windows
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Development: Caligari Corporation
Type: 3D Animation
3D Modeling
3D Rendering

Platform: Windows
License: Freeware

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rating: 4.00
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Caligari trueSpace
Caligari trueSpace has been officially discontinued. However, if you are a designer, illustrator, artist, animator, or creator of interactive entertainment, visualization solutions, or corporate training, then trueSpace7.6 is for you. Caligari's trueSpace7.6 is a complete modeling, texturing, animating, rendering, and 3D collaboration tool, used by everyone from 3D enthusiasts to illustrators, researchers to teachers, architects to design engineers, and more. The immersive real-time interface allows users to intuitively and directly manipulate objects in a fully-rendered 3D space, enhancing and accelerating the design process.

This is the full 3D authoring package with no time restrictions and no license restrictions on how you use it. This version is the latest release from Caligari with many bug fixes and improvements to the Link Editor. This version has had the legacy Model side removed and features only the new tools in the workspace side. The manual and videos from trueSpace7.61 should be used. Serial Number: These installers do not require a serial number. For legacy purposes only, you may use the following tS7.6 serial number if you wish to run an older installer that requests one: 9752722044273

Caligari always brought innovation to the 3D authoring process in markets that ranged from design and engineering to biomedicine and entertainment. The release of trueSpace7 opened new doors in 3D by providing our users with something that no other 3D company has ever offered: real-time collaborative authoring. Microsoft Corporation acquired Caligari in early 2008, which allowed trueSpace7.6 to be released for free.

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current rate: 4.00

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Caligari trueSpace, Freeware, Windows
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