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  3DSOM Pro - 3D Software, Shareware

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3DSOM Pro, Shareware, Windows
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Development: Creative Dimension Software Ltd.
2D Mixed
3D Modeling
3D Rendering
Object Modeller

Platform: Windows
License: Shareware

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3D Software Object Modeller Pro. Download a FREE 14 day trial. The professional image-based 3D modelling solution. Pictures of real objects taken with your ordinary camera can be converted quickly and cheaply into 3-dimensional models. 3DSOM Pro is a powerful tool for creating professional quality 3D content from still images. A wide range of objects can be modelled including those with holes and 'difficult' organic shapes. The trial software is fully functional including save and export. 3D content created can be commercially exploited without any restrictions.

Using a conventional camera, photos of your object are taken on a printed mat (where practical) and from a number of viewpoints in front of a plain backdrop. The shape of the object is automatically extracted from each photo and this information is used to build a high quality 3D mesh. The chosen object is placed on a stand in the centre of the 3DSOM Pro mat. A backdrop is used to simplify masking the scene and then fifteen to thirty digital images of this scene are captured using a conventional digital camera.

The 3DSOM Pro mat can be printed directly from the software at variable size. The software can handle images taken in standard office lighting conditions or for optimal quality using a professional studio setup. With the images loaded into the software, 3DSOM Pro automatically masks all the images (separating the object from the background) with a single mouse click. For images that were not captured under the 'ideal' conditions, a new powerful set of manual and semi-automatic masking tools are provided. Accurate masking in 3DSOM Pro can now be achieved quickly and easily.

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current rate: 4.00

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3DSOM Pro, Shareware, Windows
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